What To Expect From Your New A/C System

Posted by Victoria May on May 8, 2018 11:03:07 AM

So, you just purchased a new air conditioning and heating system...

You're probably expecting greater efficiency, lower electric bills, better technology, increased comfort - but here are a few more things you should expect from your new a/c or heat pump that you probably haven't considered.

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How much does a new air conditioner cost?

Posted by Kimberly Swanson on Jun 20, 2016 9:13:17 AM

In the world we have today with cell phones and Google, questions are expected to be answered in a maximum of 3 sentences. However, the answers to questions like “How much does installing a new air conditioner cost?” and “Is it worth it to replace my air conditioner?” are not that simple to answer. There are factors that must be taken into consideration such as, specific regulations for the county you live in, your home’s age, the kind of home you live in, and the quality of your home’s interior duct work.

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