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Posted by Victoria May on Jul 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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In the last video, President and Owner of Tri County Air, Bill Swanson, discussed the manufacturers' limited parts warranty and their "gaps" in coverage. Today, Swanson will describe our "Labor Gap Protection Plan" which works to cover new equipment that is still under the manufacturers' limited parts warranty.

Both the manufacturers' warranty and our Labor Gap Protection Plan work together to truly protect a new air conditioning and heating system and provide the homeowner with peace of mind.

Gap Protection Plan


Video Summary:

When you buy a new a/c and heating system, there’s a warranty from the manufacturer that comes along with the unit. It generally lasts up to five years, but can possibly last up to 12 years if the product is registered online. In the HVAC industry, manufacturer’s warranties are constantly changing. The cost of warranty work is going up and the reimbursements from manufacturers are going down, leaving companies like Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating pinched in the middle. For years, many A/C companies have been absorbing that difference and trying to work with their manufacturers to find help, but the gap left by manufacturer’s warranties continues to grow. The parts and labor amounts that the manufacturer offers under warranty programs are not covering 100% of the normal repair costs to get you up and running again after an equipment failure. Because of this reality, the customer’s cost of warranty work will be increasing.

Within this video, Billy Swanson, describes a plan that everyone at Tri County Air has worked hard to create in order to save you from unnecessary costs to repair your unit. There are many gaps embedded within the manufacturers’ warranty, and some of those gaps are: unreimbursed parts and supplies, refrigerant, 2nd trip to install OEM part, non-part calls, processing fees, shipping and handling for parts, and others. If any of these issues were to occur in your air conditioner unit, then you are liable to pay for those damages. The Labor Gap Protection Plan that Tri County Air offers potentially saves you from paying hundreds of dollars.

The Labor Gap Protection Plan is available to anyone who has a third-party or manufacturer’s extended labor warranty along with a Tri County Air agreement.


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