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Posted by Victoria May on Apr 22, 2013, 2:44:36 PM
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Are You Ready for the Summer Heat?

That's a funny question to ask Floridians huh?

Most of you were probably like, "Wait! I live in Florida. It's always Summer". Well, it's April and so far it's been very mild.

So you know what that means? The great Florida heat and humidity is on its way.

When it does hit, will you be ready?

As you know, year after year "winter time" in Florida can vary, temperature wise. If you haven't been using your air conditioning very much the last few months or just returning for the summer, then you may not know what is waiting for you when you click the "on" button.

Hopefully, your unit works like a charm. If it doesn't, or if you just want that extra piece of mind, call us at Tri County for a fix or just some energy saving tips.

Did you know that we offer our community a simple free same day second opinion? So before you make a decision, do your research and let our comfort advisors come out and see what you need.

We love our community and are happy to help you anytime.


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