How to Save Money on Your Electric Bills in the Summer

Posted by Victoria May on Apr 18, 2019, 1:56:51 PM
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It is starting to heat up here in Southwest Florida! The snowbirds are beginning to head back up north and the year-long residents are bracing for the heat. With summer right around the corner, the main thing on everyone's minds is the cost of staying comfortable. 

How do you make sure your electric bill stays as low as possible while achieving maximum comfort?

Here are a few ideas from our President, Billy Swanson. 


Save on Summer Electric Bills


1) Raise the temperature on your thermostat

Do everything you can to keep your thermostat set above 78 degrees fahrenheit. For every degree below 78 degrees, your air conditioner uses up to 15% more electricity. Since the A/C is typically the largest source of energy consumption in the summer, setting your thermostat as high as possible will save you the most money.


2) Wear light clothing

The lighter your clothing, the cooler you will feel. Keep your wardrobe focused on shorts and cotton shirts, if possible.


3) Turn on your ceiling fans

Your ceiling fans require less energy than your air conditioning system. They will cause moisture to evaporate which will help you to feel cooler.


4) Take a cool shower

Taking a cool shower on a hot day will lower your body temperature and cause you to feel more comfortable.


5) Utilize your blinds

Follow the direction of the sunlight and close/open your blinds accordingly.


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