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Things to do before calling Tri County Air

As much as we love hearing from our customers and helping them solve problems with their AC units, whether it be over the phone or face to face, we want our customers in South West Florida to have an idea of what they can do for their air conditioners from the comfort of their homes.


  • That Weird Box on the Wall… Is It a Thermostat or a Dehumidistat?

  • You and Your Breaker

  • Get to Know Your Unit

  • Checking the Flow of Things

  • Where Are You?

  • The All-Knowing Receptionists

That Weird Box on the Wall… Is It a Thermostat or a Dehumidistat?

Almost all homes that have air conditioning will also have either a thermostat or dehumidistat on the wall, and it’s important that you know where this device is and how to use it. These can be battery powered or simply wired up to your home's breaker system. If your odd little box on the wall is unresponsive, make sure either your breaker switch is on, or has a fresh set of batteries.

To learn more about dehumidistats, click here.

You and Your Breaker

If you’ve spent any time at all in Florida during the summer, you’ve probably notice the reoccurring afternoon thunder storms. It is not uncommon for lightning to strike near your home or your neighborhood’s transformer up in the power lines. In an event like this, your breaker might trip. This will cause your entire home to lose power--that means lights, appliances, not to mention your air conditioner, thermostat and dehumidistat. Sometimes you may have to restart your breaker by turning it off and then back on again. Make sure your breaker is on properly before assuming the worst!

Get to Know Your Unit

It’s important to have a few things in order before you call the experts, two of those things being your unit’s serial number and model number. It’s important to have these numbers handy, or even written down so if there is something seriously wrong with your air conditioner, your technician can know what kind of unit they will be dealing with. Knowing these numbers is also extremely convenient when ordering parts. Since there are 100+ types of units, that means there are 1000+ kinds of parts, so knowing your serial and model number will save you tons of time and aggravation.

Checking the flow of things

Air flow, air flow, air flow!!! Did you catch that? If there is one thing anyone at Tri County Air will tell you is important, it’s your AC’s air flow. Lots of things can obstruct your unit’s air flow whether it’s outside conditions or inside conditions. It’s important to make sure your AC unit’s vents are clear of obstructions, this includes a clean air filter. If your air conditioner is blowing hot air and your thermostat is set to 62, it may be time for a new filter. Make sure you’ve checked all vents before throwing in the towel.

To learn more about air filters, click here.

To learn more about AC efficiency, click here.

Where are you?

As silly as it sounds, sometimes we get calls from customers who don’t know their address. As you can imagine, this makes it pretty difficult to dispatch a technician to homes in peril. When you call Tri County, please have the following information readily available:

  • First name, Last name

  • Customer number (if you have it, if not, no biggy!)

  • Street Address, City, Zip code

  • A phone number we can reach you on


The All-Knowing receptionists

If you’ve done everything you can from home, and still can’t figure out why your house feels like a habitat for polar-bears when it’s set to be more like the Sahara desert, it’s probably time to call us! When you do call us, you’ll reach one of our lovely receptionists and they will field your calls and questions to the correct connection, so it’s important to know who you should ask for!

                                                          Tri County Air’s Departments:

  • If you ever have questions about maintenance and or scheduling an appointment for maintenance, call and ask for the Customer Service department.

  • If you ever need to discuss payment with us, call and ask for the Accounts Receivable department.

  • If you ever have questions about buying a new unit, putting down a deposit, or sale proposals, call and ask for the Sales department.

  • If you are ever in need of parts for your unit, call and ask for the Dispatch department.

                                                      And as always, no matter what the weather, Tri County makes it better!


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