Air Conditioner Purchasing Journey

Posted by Victoria May on Aug 3, 2015 3:51:19 PM
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We know purchasing a new air conditioning system can be an overwhelming process.  In this timeline, we’ve provided a few links with information that will help reduce the stress of the process.


  1. You come home to find it’s hotter inside than it is outside...That plan to relax is put on hold
  2. You call your friend because you aren’t sure who to call to fix the AC
  3. Your friend says to call Tri County.  Check out some reviews before calling.
  4. How will you know the difference between all these units?
  5. Speak to a Tri County Comfort Advisor or visit our Products page
  6. Our Comfort Advisors will help you decide which type and size unit is suitable for your home.
  7. Now that you’ve purchased your new air conditioner and had it installed, you can start relaxing.
  8. “Our mission is to comfort all in such a way that (1) they are compelled to tell others about their experience and (2) it honors the Great Comforter, Jesus Christ.”  -Billy Swanson Jr.


We know buying a new air conditioning unit can be overwhelming.  Deciding what company to do business with can be confusing because you’re not always comparing apples to apples.

For more information to ease any frustration, check out our blog 10 Tips for Choosing a Reputable AC Company

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