AC Tips for Mobile Home Residents

With summer temperatures reaching 100°, energy costs are rising; and summers are getting hotter and hotter. We hope these tips will help keep you cool. “No matter what the weather, Tri County makes it better.”

  • Does your mobile home have aluminum siding?

    • Aluminum siding’s indestructability is very appealing, however, it creates a hot box
    • Aluminum siding it lets heat in but doesn’t let it out.
    • Fiber cement or vinyl sliding are alternatives to aluminum siding.
  • Apply window film to the inside of your windows

    • This blocks some of the heat from the sun
    • Added bonus: It provides privacy
  • Install ceiling fans

    • Ceiling fans help circulate air which will create a more even temperature in each room
  • Be sure to call Tri County, a licensed, bonded, and insured company to have your unit serviced

    • Services include but are not limited to the following:
      • Inspection
      • Cleaning
      • Tune-Up
      • Filter Change
  • Don’t put heat producing products (lamps, TVs, appliances) by your thermostat

    • The thermostat detects the heat from the appliance or light and runs longer than it needs to
    • When installing a new thermostat, try to install it away from a location in direct sunlight
  • Older, outdated air conditioning models run less efficiency.

    • Tri County can help you choose a unit properly sized for your home.
  • Rock, cement, or asphalt landscaping on the south and west sides of your home radiate heat increasing the temperature.

    • Be sure to remember this tip when choosing how to landscape your yard.
  • Speaking of landscaping, plants, shrubs, etc., should be between 2 and 4 feet away from the outdoor unit to maintain adequate airflow.

  • Florida is notorious for its humidity which can affect how efficiently your outdoor unit runs

    • Air conditioning must take moisture out of the air to produce cooler air so it’s important to seal any air leaks.
    • Also, be sure your mobile home has a plastic ground-moisture barrier to avoid moisture mitigation from the ground

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